I recently got into diving and as a mechanical engineer graduate student at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) the idea of building my own canister torch appeals to me. The idea arose after seeing the awesome power and beauty of the way professional grade canister torches operate. The fact that they are prohibitively expensive for my student budget and that I have a small course dubbed Mechanical Workshop Practice during the winter semester made this a suitable project for me.

Reading other people’s blogs and forum posts in their quest for building their own torch has spurred me to create this page. It will be a page that I will update with my though process and progress in the project. Hopefully this is not only for documenting my own thoughts, but will also help people who are themselves interested in making a canister torch.

Who am I? My name is Marcus Gralde and I’m a graduate student working towards a degree in Design and Product realisation, with a Master in Mechanical Design. I’m currently starting my final year at The Royal Institute of Technology and I’ve also studied as a foreign student at Nanyang Technological University. If you want to get in touch you can easily find me on Facebook; just send me a message!

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